Sleepy Hollow TV Series – Apocalyptic symbolism including Beheadings + Episode Updates

For those trained to see the occult and secret society symbolism. This new Fox Television series is loaded with Freemason symbolism including Founding Freemason President George Washington and the headless horseman as the rider of the white horse in the Biblical last book of Revelation. The symbolic use of the “Ax” in music videos and movies as in this TV series is unmistakeable.

The phrase “Heads Will Roll” is one of the main scrolling Title scenes in this trailer. For those that aren’t familiar with Bible prophecy, beheading will be the primary means by eliminating anyone that will not take the mark of the Beast in the Tribulation period when the Antichrist rules the world without any intercession from God. The town population of 144,000 is the number of members of the 12 tribes of Israel that are listed in the Tribulation period. The coffin symbolism is also linked to the story of Osiris and is the main initiatory ceremony that the Skull & Bones Society uses with new members. The television and movie industries are lining up to welcome the Antichrist to set up his kingdom. You can’t watch these shows without saying the occult world runs the Hollywood and television studios.

Follow-up to first Episode:

It seems that Ichabod Crain (similar to Cain) had his blood mingled with the Headless horseman and is portrayed as “The First Witness” in the Tribulation. There are good covens and evil covens. The bad covens are trying to get the head back to the headless horseman so that the “Four Horseman” can bring the Apocalypse. It seems that Ichabod’s wife was a “good” witch who cast a spell on him to save him. So here we have nothing but occult blood sacrifice portraying the deception of “good” vs. “evil” within the occult. This is more crazy mingling of Biblical themes and the endtimes that we are in and occult hollywood confusing the public with deception in intertwining occult themes with Biblical events.

The Groxt1 Analysis of the Great Deception in this show:

Follow-up to Second Episode:

I find it important to follow this series because it continues to mix Biblical Revelation terms into a fictional tale. Of course the public is oblivious to this point. This episode focused on the resurrection of a black coven witch named, “Serelda of Abaddon”. Of course “Abaddon” is a reference to Revelation 9:11 “Abaddon also known as Apollyon is the Angel of the Pit”. Apollyon also known as Apollo is the main deity that Freemasonry has dedicated itself to raising through their “Raising ceremony” that resurrects Apollo. This is their Antichrist that they want to enthrone as the head of the New World Order Antichrist kingdom. Serelda was resurrected on a “Blood Moon”. The Blood Moons are a major prophetic symbol of the upcoming 2014-2015 Blood moon tetrads! This will bring some fulfillment of major prophetic events related to Israel. It is too bad that people are Biblically illiterate so they don’t catch these major Biblical themes.

Week 3 Follow-up:

The 2 main characters fight the sand man and visit a shaman and defeat the purgatory type sandman in the dream world. This mixes native American shamanism and the sand man who is killing people for lying. It focuses on the scales and judgement. It is amazing how in this day and age you can blaspheme The Lord Jesus Christ. Remember in Islam if you make a cartoon about Mohammed then you get riots and beheading. The world is crazy.

Week 4 Follow-up:

More Satanic storylines are added with Hessian mercenaries attempting to RAISE MOLECH. MOLECH was the god the caananites and Israelites sacrificed babies by tossing them into the the red hot bronze arms. This is the same god that America sacrifices the unborn through abortion, our form of blood sacrifice. Blood rituals go into the “The Lesser Key” a Kabbalistic book of black magic associated with King Solomon. The goal being to control the 72 demons that are controlled in hell. This is some seriously Satanic black magic themes. The parallels between The Nazi Thule society cult Satan worship and this show are obvious. The secret society of Hessians living in Sleepy Hollow open the portal but are stopped by Abby and Ichabod.

Week 5 Follow-up:

A Child from the Lost settlement of Roanoke North Carolina crosses the barrier and enters Sleepy Hollow with an unknown plague. Of course this parallels the end times pestilence in the Bible. This is also the 666th year since Comet Negra passed by earth and Europe was plagued by the Black death. The show says a Horseman of pestilence touched the colonists of Roanoke, Ichabod calls this horseman the horseman of conquest. Ichabod must return the sick child Tomas to the plague colony to stop the outbreak and to prevent the horseman of pestilence joining up with the horseman of death in Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod basically gets the plague and dies again and meets up with his witch wife in purgatory. How very Catholic. I guess they need some rich relatives to pay a priest to get out. Abby prays in an ecumenical church with all the symbols of all the religions in front of a menorah. Moloch again is mentioned for trapping Ichabod’s wife for some reason. Ichabod & Tomas return back to the Roanoke portal and the people heal in Sleepy Hollow.

What is disturbing about this episode is that it mirrors the Brad Pitt movie “World War Z”. If you follow my blog you know about My DARPA Nano Quell article. This again is a very disturbing time in American history.

The next episode is in 3 weeks on November 4th

11/4/13 Episode Title “The Sin Eater”

This episode focuses on the blood connection of Ichabod and the horseman. Ichabod reveals he is a Mason in this episode when he is kidnapped by modern day Freemasons. They want Ichabod to commit suicide to kill himself and the horseman with his death. The Freemasons believe the Apocalypse will be avoided and men can continue living as they want free from God. Abbie the second witness is connected from the grave by Ichabod’s Witch wife Katrina to find the “SOUL EATER”. The soul eater is a person who devours the sins from mens hearts “sanctifying” the person. Christ’s blood is that only thing that can sanctify a man’s heart. The episode reinforces that The Freemasons and Witch Covens are the “good” guys. ”Ordo Ab Chao”, the Freemason motto is shared with viewers as the secret code that Masons were to use to show their allegiance to the secret society. This episode is heavily loaded with black magic blood rituals and many scenes displaying a combination of numbers displaying “666″. The use of ouija boards to connect with the living from the grave, reincarnation, and the occult seen as good are all part of this episode. The “Soul Eater” even sops up the separated sin blood of Ichabod with bread and eats it sanctifying Ichabod. This of course is a blasphemous mocking of John13:20-27:

John 13:20-26

King James Version (KJV)

20 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me; and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.

21 When Jesus had thus said, he was troubled in spirit, and testified, and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.

22 Then the disciples looked one on another, doubting of whom he spake.

23 Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.

24 Simon Peter therefore beckoned to him, that he should ask who it should be of whom he spake.

25 He then lying on Jesus’ breast saith unto him, Lord, who is it?

26 Jesus answered, He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it. And when he had dipped the sop, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon.

27 And after the sop Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus unto him, That thou doest, do quickly.

November 11/11/2013 Episode

“The Midnight Ride”

This episode focuses on connecting the midnight ride of Paul Revere and the headless horseman. The episode focuses on the Freemasons trying to defeat the horseman. The Freemasons who revealed themselves to Ichabod are killed by the horseman and decapitated. The horseman can not be killed so Ichabod and Abby come up with a plan to trap the horseman. Of course this is where the demonstration of Satanic occult rituals are performed to lure the horseman into the center of a Heptagram where the Horseman is bound using satanic pentagrams. The technique of conjuring and binding spirits in the pentagram are well known by non-Satanists. Hollywood continues to demonstrate to the sheeple that you can control reality through the occult.

The whole episode promotes the image of witchcraft and Freemasons as being a noble order that are seeking to stop the horseman and stop the Apocalypse. Of course that means trying to stop the return of Jesus Christ and his rule on earth. These Hollywood Satanists are some seriously deceived crazy people.


Episode Title: Into Darkness

Ichabod and Abbie trap the horseman in the triquetra and interrogate the horseman through his dead necromancer handler officer Andy the asian officer who was killed in the first show. Hessians sneak a hex breaking artifact inside officer Andy who releases the horseman after the whole episode focuses on the horsemans romantic past with Ichabods wife, Katrina. The horseman wants to kill Ichabod over a lovers duel where he lost Katrina to Ichabod. What is significant with this episode is that the electrical grid of the town was taken out by the Hessians. This is way to coincidental with the Grid Ex II exercises, potential solar flares, terrorism etc. It seems to me that this repetition of the EMP or solar power outage is being cast as predictive witchcraft. Ichabod is spared do to the demons not letting him kill Ichabod and all the agents of molech vanish taking the horseman with them.


Episode Title: Sanctuary

Ichabod and Abbie develop more of their characters history by showing that they have an interconnected past through the birth of Ichabod’s son that he did not have any knowledge about. This becomes a haunted house story where one of Molech’s demons was sent to get Ichabod’s baby in the past. So Katrina’s covens sanctuary was looked at like it was a abolitionist paradise where everyone was equal and willingly worked together. It appears that the ancient monster was released at the birth of Ichabod’s baby. So is this developing into a rosemaries baby scenario? Who knows plenty of blood covered all over Ichabod in this Satanic blood rites show.


Episode Title: The Golem

This episode introduces that Katrina had a son, ichabod’s son, who she gave up to be raised by Abbie’s relatives. The reason she gave him up was that the coven wanted to kill him for crossing some line. The Golem a soulless Jewish fable which is related to the Frankenstein story became the focus of this show. Katrina gave her son a stuffed toy which became like a voodoo doll. When Ichabod’s son went to the orphanage after burning down Abbie’s relatives home by accident he took his stuffed mother’s toy with him. Of course this is how we find that Ichabod’s son has “powers” he can’t control. This is heightened when he is beaten by the sadistic Priest at the orphanage The Golem is created when Ichabod’s son pours his anger, rage and abandonment issues into this stuffed toy when his blood drips onto the “voodoo” doll. A monstrous Golem appears to destroy the priest and protect ichabod’s son.

The modern day appearance of the Golem appears when Ichabod contacts Katrina in the spirit world by the having “The Spirit Eater” aide Ichabod in contacting the dead Katrina locked in Purgatory. The Golem is released into the present and Ichabod has to figure out a way to destroy it. The Golem hunts down the witches coven that locked Katrina in purgatory and eventually stopped ichabod’s sons heart and buried him. The Golem sought retribution against the Coven who Ichabod strangely lectured them about being a force for good not evil. The Golem pulverizes the witches and comes after Ichabod who destroys him by stabbing the Golem with a shard of glass with Ichabod’s blood on it, thus defeating the Golem with his sons blood which is also in Ichabod’s veins.

Christian investigators have speculated that there is a high possibility that the Antichrist will in fact be a Golem created from the blood of Jesus on The Shroud of Turin. A cloned soulless Jesus possessed by Satan would fulfill as some think the devil possessing or standing in the Temple of God, Jesus’s body. These are crazy evil times and turning to Christ will be the only escape!


Episode Title: The Vessel

This episode focuses on Demon possession. A demon is attempting to possess and kill Abbie and is trying to get to her through all the people associated to her including her boss’s crippled daughter. Of course this episode focuses on what can trap a demon just like how to trap the horseman. As expected a Biblically ignorant Priest attempts to help by pouring out salt on door jams to keep the demon out while quoting Joel Osteen pop psychology gibberish that doesn’t even occur in the Bible. Of course all hollywood depictions of supposedly Bible believing priests never mention Jesus’s name. Jesus’s name was not mentioned once in this story. Jesus during his ministry cast out demons routinely for the people. Christians have been given authority to cast out demons here on earth because Jesus gave all Christians authority over all demons. The priest could have said, ”In the name of Jesus I bind you and cast you out of this girl demon”, and that would be it. Then the possessed person would need to accept Christ in order to never be possessed by that demon again. The point of this FOX storyline is that the church and ministers or priests are not going to help you because they have no answers. So we need to rely on the Wiccans and Freemasons to know how to trap bad old demons. We also learn that Ginny, Abbie’s sister, was possessed in the past by this demon and that the dead sheriff had exercised the demon and saved Ginny in the past. But what keeps the demon from possessing her again? I have no idea, I guess she has positive thinking or something. The best politically correct Marxist commentary came when Ichabod, Abbie, & Ginny were going to a supposedly Christian extremist camp to get a lantern that supposedly could trap the demon. While approaching the Right Wing Fanatical Extremist Christian Nut Jobs camp Ichabod takes us through a nice anti-second amendment discussion with Abbie and Ginny and how it’s so bad that people own weapons because we all know the state is harmless and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

(Final 1st Season 2 Hour Finale 1/20/14)

Episode Title:

The Indispensable Man/Bad Blood

The Final Episode focuses on the release of the second horseman. What is interesting is the use of the term “New Order” in reference to Molech. Of course this is related to the coming Satanic New World Order. Early on Officer Andy asks to be transformed by Molech into an enhanced tool for evil once Abbie finally rejected him. Of course this is related to the demonic Nephilim hybrid type of servant of Satan. Washington and Washington’s Bible become central to this storyline. Washington with invisible ink leaves a secret code in his Bible to the story of Lazarus. This leads to a story of Washington being resurrected after his death to record the pathway into and out of purgatory so that Ichabod can get Katrina out of purgatory and bind the second horseman before his ride. The rest of the story has them progressing to Washingtons hidden grave on a leyline intersected island. The Death Eater is called in to get the location of the island from the cursed prayer beads from the Warlock Priest that was beheaded in episode one but was present for President Washingtons resurrection and recording of the path through purgatory.

The turning points in this episode is when Abbie must be left in purgatory on a soul switch to have Katrina retrieved to bind the second horseman. Once Katrina and Ichabod return from purgatory she is unable to bind the second horseman because his body is not in the grave. The Sin eater turns and reveals that she can’t bind what has already been raised from the dead by Molech. The Sin Eater reveals that he is Katrina and Ichabods buried son that was resurrected by Molech. The Sin Eater ends the show by giving Katrina to the Headless Horseman and entombing Ichabod in his old tomb. The show ends with Rolling Stones song about the devil.

What can you say about this show? It is a crazy occult perversion of the endtimes with witchcraft & occult ritual and no Christian interpretation. It romanticizes Witchcraft, demons, and Freemasonry and destroys any semblance of Christianity. There is a reason that the final book of the Bible is called REVELATION. Jesus Christ will be revealed as the one and only King and Creator of All. Every Knee will bend and acknowledge Jesus Christ the King. Evil will be defeated and all those that served the Devil and the 666 Beast will receive judgement in eternal fire and damnation for their willing participation in attempting to destroy humanity and steal the souls of the innocent. The Freemasons and Wiccans want the world to continue as it is because their god is Satan and they already run this fallen world. This will come to an end soon. Jesus Christ is the only escape from hell and those that call out to him will be saved. AMEN!


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