News Reports of Chaos and Confusion Coming from Asia



Today during my prayer time I saw words written in an Asian language like Japanese or Chinese. The words were moving up quickly like reading news coming across a news wire service. They were also swaying back and forth as they moved, which gave me the impression there was a whole lot of shaking going on and the news was reporting chaos, confusion, and panic.

I was not given any dates so I have no idea when this will happen. It all happened very fast, but I believe it is a warning of news coming from Asia that will report chaos, confusion, and panic happening there.

I do not know the specific country the news was coming from, but my guess is Japan because their economy is in worse shape than any other country in the world. Sovereign debt levels have soared in almost every country since 2008, but Japan is in a league of its own. Their debt is now about 2.5 times the size of their economy and still growing. Even Greece looks healthy compared to Japan. They have been stuck in recession and slow growth for over twenty years. You would think they would realize their policies of increased government spending are not solving their problems. So far, they have continued on the same course.

It is remarkable that Japan has not already collapsed. The only thing that has kept them going is printing more money out of thin air. That is not a sustainable course. Their day of reckoning could be coming soon. See my previous post: Japan’s Economy Has Entered a Terminal Phase.

An economic collapse in Japan or China would very quickly shake up the world economy. China has the world’s second largest economy and Japan has the third largest. So chaos and confusion in either of those countries would be very big news.

The sovereign debt levels around the world are now at unprecedented levels. The news media presents a rosy scenario for investors, as if the economies of the world have put the 2008 collapse behind them. The truth is the global economy has never been more vulnerable and could be shaken easily by just about any gust of wind.

Jesus promised us that as long as we are in this world there will be trouble, but He told us to take courage because He has overcome the world. Storm winds are coming but those who trust in the Lord will not be moved by them. They can stay in peace because God has overcome all the troubles in the world. If you would like to have a personal relationship with the Lord you can get started here.

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