Was House Stenographer A Victim of MK Ultra Programming?

This is a very interesting video from Truthstream Media that is suggestive of the fact that the House Stenographer Diane Reidy could have been a victim of MK ultra programming. This programming could be the trigger that caused her rant on the House floor. Why would anyone want to program her to do such a thing? I think the answer lies in what happened afterward. She was taken for psychiatric evaluation. Her husband participated in a radio interview with TRUnews and revealed that the first diagnosis was a religious experience and was later upgraded to possible psychosis. This could be part of a bigger plan to discredit Christians in general and make it easier to label them as psychotics for making any kind of comments against freemasons, illuminati etc. Dianne says that she does not remember what she said according to her husband. When I look in  the Bible, any prophet that the Lord used never had any memory lapses. However, people that are hypnotized and programmed to do these against their will, won’t remember. In addition, this programming divides the persons psyche into multiple personalities. Is this why we hear someone calling her Holly in the audio as they pull her off?

Another point I would like to make is that almost everyone is getting what she said wrong. She said “The greatest deception here is that this is NOT one nation under God, it never was, had it been, it would not have been. The constitution would NOT have been written by freemasons. They go against God”. My interpretation is that she was saying that the deception that they are under is that this nation was founded by freemasons which is a lie, because freemasons would have NEVER written the constitution. That is my opinion but I guess we will never know for sure because like I said she can’t clarify because she doesn’t remember.

Watch this video and read the article here and comment below:


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