What Did We Learn This Week? And Is It Prophesied?

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

dreamstime_l_1781331man on world

This past week was an epic week according to some.  The world averted yet another crises when it was agreed to raise our debt ceiling.  This is quite the farce.  There is still the debt crises, there is still a push from China and the Brics nations for another world currency, and this just made them push harder.  This solved nothing, that’s right solved nothing.  We are still broke, the only difference is the bill to put off or defund obamacare  didn’t make it off the table.  As the president shouted from the rooftops ‘You will not stop this!’  This is incredible.  He also said that Americans should stop listening to reporters, Republicans, and Bloggers.  Of course that is a veiled statement, what he means is we are not going to listen to the people anymore.  The people spoke louder than they ever have lately and they were ignored.  There…

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