Ender’s Game & Illuminati Alien Disclosure


Ender’s Game is another in a long list of movies documenting an Alien threat to humanity.  Of course the reference to END GAME is obvious.  Ender is this kid that just so happens to be humanities last hope for survival.  The storyline alludes to the fact that Ender is somehow different than other kids (I assume some type of DNA hybridization).  As you can see from the clip the military power has raised and trained him and hands over all the military power into “The Ones” hands so that he can defeat the alien menace.  This is very symbolic when all the world will hand over power to the Anti-Christ or The Fuher part 2.  The other storyline that becomes apparent in this movie is how the Hegelian Dialectic is used pit grown-ups against pre-teens.  There is  clear conditioning that is going into these Syfy apocalyptic movies.

My issue with…

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