Will Transgender Professor Be Fired From Christian College After Stunning Reveal?

My comment: This is a person that is clearly struggling with powerful demons. I see this as a failure of the modern day church that does not wield the power of the Holy Spirit. A church that does not believe that the miracles of Christ are for today. This person needed these demons cast out in the name of Jesus by someone walking a righteous path that had the power and authority to do this. Oh, how the devil has led us astray. I just feel sad that it is probably too late for this person and many others.


There’s a debate unfolding at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, Calif., as a transgender professor is apparently getting booted off campus. A one-time chair of theology and philosophy, H. Adam Ackley (formerly known as Professor Heather Ann Clements) is in the process of transitioning from female to male, a change that caught the ire of the evangelical university’s leaders.

Transgender Theology Professor Might Get Fired From Christian College After Stunning Reveal | H. Adam Ackley
Ackley earlier in his life (left) and more recently (right) (Photo Credit: H. Adam Ackley)

In an extensive report on Religion News Service, the relationship between Ackley, 47, who taught at the school for 15 years, and APU is provided in detail. In sum, the professor claims that he is parting ways with the university after announcing plans for a gender reassignment.

It wasn’t until very recently that the educator changed his name and made the life-altering decision to switch genders. While APU has reportedly agreed to pay Ackley through the end of the school year, health insurance isn’t covering some of the procedures and treatments he needs to fully transition.

“They’re giving me privacy to transition but denying medical treatment to do that,” Ackley told RNS, claiming that hormone treatment and surgery for his chest have both been denied.

The professor will also no longer be teaching his classes, as other instructors at APU will apparently take them over for the remainder of the year. Ackley is apparently meeting with a lawyer for the university to further discuss these matters.

It’s unclear whether APU has policies against transgender identity, although many Christian organizations do not permit gay, lesbian or transgender individuals to openly serve. And based on Ackley’s summary of the purported response to his reveal, APU seems uncomfortable with the scenario.

The debate apparently became public after the professor took to his Facebook page last week and claimed that he was fired over his transgender identity, according to The Clause, the APU student newspaper. The outlet, which on Friday published an extensive story about the situation, offers additional context:

Last week, Ackley approached Dr. Teri Merrick, chairwoman of the Department of Theology and Philosophy, to inform her of his gender change. Ackley said Merrick, whom he described as a sister in Christ, asked him if he would like to dialogue more with colleagues about how to move forward with Clements’ gender change.

“And it made total sense. As soon as she said that, I said, thought, of course, of course I shouldn’t just coldly treat this purely as an HR matter,” Ackley said. “But neither have I wished to draw attention to myself. … It’s been very confusing to me. There really isn’t a roadmap for how a transgender person does this, nor of course for how a Christian community does this. We’re trying to deal with this in Christ and not just as an HR issue.”

Ackley said Dr. Mark Stanton, the university provost and a clinical psychologist, has affirmed Ackley‘s transgender identity, so Ackley does not feel any “quibble” about his gender. More

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