Soon underwater drones will be patrolling the oceans for the pentagon



ATLANTIC OCEAN – MAY 14: In this handout released by the U.S. Navy, An X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) demonstrator launches from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) May 14, 2013 in the Atlantic Ocean. George H.W. Bush is the first aircraft carrier to successfully catapult-launch an unmanned aircraft from its flight deck. The Navy plans to have unmanned aircraft on each of its carriers to be used for surveillance and be armed and used in combat roles. (Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Brian Read Castillo/U.S. Navy via Getty Images)

DARPA, the Pentagon’s research agency, has recently revealed its plan to  develop submerged military drones that would patrol the earth’s oceans.  The program is named “Hydra”, taken from the sea serpent that terrorized the waters in ancient Greek mythology.

It is common for military and corporate projects to take on names from ancient mythology and occult folklore.

The plan is being promoted as a solution to budget cuts.

“The climate of budget austerity runs up against an uncertain security environment that includes natural disasters, piracy, ungoverned states, and the proliferation of sophisticated defense technologies,” said Scott Littlefield, DARPA program manager, in a statement. “An unmanned technology infrastructure staged below the oceans’ surface could relieve some of that resource strain and expand military capabilities in this increasingly challenging space.”

According to Wired, the “Hydra system is intended to be delivered in international waters by ships, submarines or aircraft with the integrative capability of communicating with manned and unmanned platforms for air, surface, and water operations.”

“By separating capabilities from the platforms that deliver them, Hydra would enable naval forces to deliver those capabilities much faster and more cost-effectively wherever needed,” said Littlefield. “It is envisioned to work across air, underwater, and surface operations, enabling all three to perform their missions better.”

The Hydra drones are said to be unleashed on the oceans sometime in the next few years.

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