The Watchmen on the Wall – God’s Hated Messengers

My comment: As a watchman, I do feel the message is hated and does not want to be heard by anyone including most Christians. But be encouraged fellow watchmen Cry louder, for if God be for us, than who can be against us?


A Confirmation of the Prophetic Warning – Part 1 Derailed Trains and the Coming Crisis!

By Nathan Leal – August 16, 2013

Over the past few months, I have been sharing a very sobering warning of the approaching events that are going to bring chaos to America.
As they arrive, they are going to affect many people and will involve various segments of society. The future course for America will bring unexpected results to the majority of citizens who are presently in a state of slumber and denial…and who are also, not ready!

Several months ago, I had a number of prophetic dreams that revealed how some of these things would take place. The prophetic glimpses were relayed by God and had a purpose; to communicate to the people that time is running out! As a watchman, one of the biggest challenges is to convey the prophetic warning to people who do not believe that the prophetic gifts even exist. The spirit of doubt and unbelief is running rampant in Nation USA, the country that claims to be Christian. Was Obama correct? Is America no longer a Christian Nation? Based on the rejection of the prophetic warning, I have to wonder! But the work must continue. When people hear the warning message, some of them believe it…and some of them do not! There are various reasons why some do not believe.
1.Erroneous theology that denies the spiritual and prophetic gifts.
2.Unbelief and doubt in the messenger.
3.Hardness of Heart.
4.Spiritual Blindness.
5.An Unrepentant Heart.
6.Spiritual Bondage.
8.Arrogance and Pride.
9.A Spirit of Jealousy.
10.A Spirit of Jezebel.

I could go on, but the condition of unbelief takes on many forms and has several root causes. Many of the people who deny the prophetic warning are also infected with a spirit of hatred towards God’s messengers. Why is this? The answer is simple. It is called – sin! The unbelieving heart does not want to be challenged to deal with their sin. Dealing with sin requires an act of repentance! Human nature hates repentance! So does Satan!

The Message of the Watchmen

At its core, the message of most prophetic ministries includes the challenge to repent. It includes the foundational signature that all of us are undone and must seek healing from the Great Emancipator of Souls – The Lord Jesus Christ! The Watchman’s task is to tear through the dark strongholds of deception and relay a message; a message which informs lukewarm Christians that they have been living in deception; a deception that tells them that they are healthy when in reality…their souls are sick! The core of my message is repentance! But there are people out there who cannot stand the message of repentance! A number of them have inaugurated themselves into a crusade to slander and gossip, to try to nullify the warning message and attack the Watchmen of God. But behind the scenes, they are not working alone.

Many times, they have unknowingly become the pawns of Satan to battle against the call to repentance. By the way, this is one of the telling signs that these people are pawns; because in their complaint of the prophetic warning, they will also indicate their criticism of the continuous mention of repentance. They will argue that the Gospel is about love and grace, and they will exhibit an odd displeasure to the repentance message and the prophetic warning! This is a telling sign…Satan hates a repentant heart. But the work must continue.

The Prophetic Task – A Heavy load!

The Ministry of Watchman’s Cry is prophetic and has the task that I have described above. As a servant of God, I have the duty and obligation to carry the torch of warning. …The torch is heavy. At times it seems overwhelming. The arrows of opposition are common. The attacks are endless…the betrayal is painful and disappointing. But still, the work must continue. There are lives at stake. There are souls to awaken. There are shackles that must be broken. And time is running out!

Confirmation – The Prophetic is Real!

How much time is left? Not much! How many will listen? Not many. But for those that will listen, I would like to share something with you to encourage you and to challenge you. My friends, the prophetic ministry that forewarns is real! In other words, God’s prophetic gifting makes it possible for a human to see events before they happen! The natural mind of man denies this. Science rejects it..and Satan hates it!

But today, I am sharing a token of confirmation. I am doing this to bring glory to God; to give praise to Jesus Messiah and Lord! And as a testimony for God’s glory, I would like to share a validation that a portion of one of my recent prophetic dreams has come true. Ladies and gentlemen, the purpose of this article is to reveal that God’s spiritual gifts are real and that the prophetic gifts are real! As I stated earlier, recently, I have been focusing on four prophetic dreams that God gave me on April 7, 2013. I went into great detail about the dreams here.

In one of the prophetic glimpses, I saw a train derailment. This dream also had the following elements:
1.A red train
2.Out of control speed.
3.Train jumped the tracks, scraped the pavement with a screech.
4.Jack knifed cars.
5.Ground shaking.
6.Explosion with a mushroom cloud.
7.A city burning.
8.Many people dying.

After I had the dream, I published it on May 16, 2013. I also went on the Rick Wiles TruNews Show and also on the Hagmann And Hagmann Show and talked about it. In the disclosure article about the dreams, I stated that I wondered if the train company – Canadian Pacific Railway was going to be involved. I also stated that I wondered if Canada was going to be involved. I had a suspicion that they would. I just did not know entirely how.
So I published the dream, when I did, I tried to find images that closely resembled what I saw in my dream. Some of the images that I included in my article included a mushroom cloud that I saw in my prophetic glimpses and also a burning city.

I have a screen capture of the published images below.
They can be found at this link, scroll down to the middle of the page:

Again my friends, please make note that the images above were published on May 16, 2013. This was before any major derailments had happened. What do these pictures mean? Over the past few months, there has been a swarm of train derailments worldwide. By now, many of you may know this. I believe that my prophetic dreams about the derailed train were a symbolic warning that train derailments were coming. But the derailments were not the final event. The derailments were meant to serve as a forewarning that many more catastrophic events are headed towards the land and the events will occur in various categories. But to show that these things are going to happen, God is sending a message in the many derailed train events. One of the derailments occurred in the small hamlet town of Lac Megantic, located in Quebec, Canada. This derailment was very catastrophic. It involved a runaway train with over 70 tanker cars which were filled with raw crude oil. When the train reached the town, it jumped the tracks and exploded into a very violent wall of flames. There was a mushroom cloud and most of the business district burned to the ground. Many people died!

The images of this accident are below. They were published in newspapers worldwide.

Below is a side by side comparison of my prophetic glimpse that was published in advance of the accident, and the images of the accident that occurred two months later.

In my article, I asked a few questions that have been confirmed; The train derailment did have the involvement of Canadian Pacific Railway. The trains were moved on their tracks for most of their journey. Also – as you can see, Canada was involved!

In my prophetic description of the derailed train I stated:

“The heavy steel of the train began to make violent sparks as it tore along the asphalt and concrete. There was a loud sound of screaming metal that punished my ears!” – Nathan Leal

When the derailment occurred in Lac Megantic, witnesses said that:

“The infernal noise and the sparks shooting from its wheels were all the warning people in the street needed to run for their lives.”

Is all of this a coincidence? Did Nathan Leal make a lucky guess? The haters will make excuses of why it cannot be. But no amount of arguing and name calling will nullify that God revealed a glimpse to this watchman. Praise be to God! Those that are of the faith will see and understand…and will glorify God! Ladies and gentleman, the prophetic warning is real. I am sharing these few things as a testament that the devastating train derailments that have been on the news should serve as a signal that there are more things approaching. I have recently produced a multi-part series that explains what all of these things mean. Again my friends, there is a message in these events. It is very profound. To those that have the ears to hear…let them hear.

God Bless,

Nathan Leal – Watchman’s Cry

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