Twelve Critical Reasons Not To Attack Syria

The USA and it’s “coalition of the reluctant and/or unwilling” are  now confronted with at least twelve very good reasons why they should abandon  their plans to unlawfully attack the sovereign nation of Syria.


The  Obama Administration has been inundated with responses from every quarter of  American society and the world community regarding the danger and inanity of  striking Syria. Likewise, congressmen from both the Senate and House of  Representatives have asserted that they have never experienced in their  political careers such an outpouring of protest as they have to these missile  strikes.

Nations near and far have been voicing their strong conviction that Obama’s  war footing will only lead to more strife for them in the conduct of their  foreign affairs. It appears that only those countries who have participated in a  conspiracy of silence regarding the truth of the sarin gas false flag are  willing to plunge headlong into this potential inferno.

Which begs the question, why would Obama and his administration turn a deaf  ear to so many passionate and serious overtures not to proceed down this road of  war. Why?!

Obama has some very poignant questions to answer before the US Congress, the  American public, and the world community of nations. He especially has some  explaining to do in light of the following twelve unequivocal reasons not to  launch a military offensive against an innocent nation.

Each of these twelve critical reasons, even when considered individually,  should provide a compelling case for the USA not to launch its illegal air  strikes.

1. The attacks are considered illegal according to the United Nations. Syria attack illegal without Security Council approval, UN  warns

2. The attacks would constitute a war crime according to the statutes of the  International Criminal Court. Judge Napolitano: US Strike on Syria Would Be War Crime

3. The US Congress has shown a great aversion to launching the attack; only  arm-twisting and horse-trading by AIPAC will bribe them to do otherwise. Congressional veterans line up against military intervention in  Syria

4. A variety of polls of the American people have repeatedly shown (only 9%  approve) that the war weary public does not want this attack on Syria. If Only 9% Of Americans Support Bombing Syria, Who is Behind the  War Effort?

5. No evidence has been presented that proves the Syrian government is behind  the sarin gas chemical weapon use. Putin calls Kerry a liar on Syria

6. All the evidence presented thus far indicates the rebels used the sarin  gas, just as it was proven that they used chemical weapons months ago in  Aleppo. Russia gave UN 100-page report in July blaming Syrian rebels for  Aleppo sarin attack

7. Bombing a war torn nation with cruise missiles and fighter jets only adds  greatly and needlessly to their pain and suffering, and makes the challenges of  reconciliation and re-building much more difficult. Pope Tweets Against Syria Strike, Writes Putin,  Plans Saturday Vigil

8. The rebels, who have already killed many Christian and other non-Muslims,  will be encouraged to do the same as they capitalize on the chaos caused by the  planned attacks. Syrian rebels kill 11, mainly Christians, in checkpoint  attack

9. The US Government will effectively be aiding and abetting the same enemy  they have been at war with every where else in the world. Does Obama know he’s fighting on al-Qa’ida’s side?

10. The US Air Force will effectively function as Al Qaeda’s air force. Ted Cruz On Syria: U.S. Shouldn’t Be ‘Al Qaeda’s Air  Force’

11. The USA airstrikes are said to be targeting Syrian chemical weapon  stockpiles in order to neutralize them, but this will only lead to a potentially  greater chemical disaster. Why Syria’s chemical weapons would be difficult target for US  strike

12. The planned USA missile strikes also risk bombing the Miniature  Neutron Source Reactor (MSNR) because of its proximity to Damascus,  which would cause a nuclear catastrophe. Russia Warns Of Nuclear Disaster If Syria Is Attacked


Is this what the USA military wants to make more  of?

All of these reasons against war in Syria have been advanced by many various  parties at different times and in varying contexts. However, and this is why  this article has been written, none of these reasons have been addressed by the  Obama Administration. It’s as though they don’t exist, or are not substantive  enough to warrant the re-consideration of what will be the most foolish and  dangerous act of Obama’s two terms.

The following article, perhaps better than any other, illustrates just how  misguided US foreign policy has become. If this video does not convince every  reader that Obama and his gang of future war criminals are heading for an  uncertain and calamitous fate, then we truly wonder what will.

Horrific video shows Syrian Catholic priest being ‘beheaded by  jihadist fighters in front of cheering crowd’

The comment section of the preceding article is most enlightening and  provides hundreds of  thoughtful commentaries overwhelmingly against a USA  attack on Syria.

Which begs the question: Why is this war option even being foisted on America  by Obama? Who is really pushing this war down the throat of the American  people?

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