TD Hale’s 4th Prophetic Dream: Rain of Fire Coming to America

This is the fourth prophetic dream received by Pastor TD Hale regarding the future of America. TD Hale is pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Gallipolis, Ohio.

The following is the transcript of two interviews of Pastor TD Hale conducted by Rick Wiles from on January 2 and January 3, 2013. Comments by Pastor TD Hale are provided at the end of this article to help interpret the dream.

A transcript of the first two dreams is available here. Parts of those dreams have been fulfilled but most of it remains in the future. If you do not already know about the first two dreams I recommend that you read that transcript before reading this one because parts of this dream are continuations of those dreams.

The third dream was received by Pastor Hale in the summer of 2012 and was a revelation of how Mitt Romney was going to be blocked from being elected President. Obviously that dream was fulfilled already.


This dream was given to me on November 24, 2012. In this dream I was immediately taken into the oval office. I was standing in the oval office looking at the President of United States. It was so real that I felt like I could reach my hand out and touch the man. He was standing behind the desk. When I stood in front of him all of a sudden I heard a voice and I knew it was the voice of God. I heard the voice say, “Weep and howl for the misery that shall come shortly.”

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