Conditioning Humanity for the Inevitable


Elysium is a dramatic and dystopian vision of a post-apocalyptic Earth. The movie in not unlike the movie Hunger Games in which the majority of humanity is condemned to live in an overpopulated, diseased-ridden and violent planet.

The elite in Elysium occupy their orbiting paradise without want or illness, while today’s elite have massive underground structures beneath such places as Denver International Airport. While the rank and file of America is cursed with Obamacare, this dichotomy parallels the life extension technologies being employed by the elite in which our overlords, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Brzezinski and Soros are older than dirt but still keep enslaving humanity with youthful vigor as they have access to these hidden life extension technologies which emanates from transhumanism, the most evil application of science in our collective history. These overlords are Satan’s best emissary’s on this planet.

As a side note, we are about to find out the level of connectivity of George H. W. Bush as he has some very serous health conditions. If he survives, we have our answer as to his elite status. Certainly, Reagan and Ford were not among the privileged.

Mankind Will Always Experience Bifurcation

The extreme bifurcation of mankind follows the Hunger Games model where the elite live in splendor and wonder in Capitol City or lives in destitution in the various districts. We see the same in Elysium, whether the elite inhabits a space station and looks down upon the squalor of the earth, or whether one lives in the ghettos near City Park in Denver while the elite will eventually rule humanity from the bowels of Denver International Airport, it makes no difference. There will always be this extreme bifurcation of humanity and there is nothing that my words or your words can do to change this inherent trait for the elite to mark their territory in the same fashion as your family dog.

The Elite Love to Perpetuate Suffering

When humanity suffers, the elite rejoice. They love to put cancer viruses in the vaccines. They love to put aluminum in the chemtrails. They love to force us to eat their tumor causing GMO’s. They love to cause racial violence in America by fanning the flames of the Trayvon Martin case.

The elite love to perpetuate every evil perversion upon mankind through transhumanism. Most of all, the elite love to start wars in which millions will die. The elite are of such a sickness of soul, that they love every form of extreme suffering that they put upon mankind. It makes these animals feel powerful and energized by their abuses as they continually devise new ways to make mankind suffer. while robbing the spirit of hope from all us. Elysium captures this spirit in a way as no other movie that I have ever seen.

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