Mormonism EXPOSED!

Compiled and edited by   David J. Stewart

Photo to Right: A Mormon apron as seen on A&E TV, inside the Salt Lake City Temple.

Almost everyone knows to beware of the Jehovah’s Witness; but,the Mormons are different, they lure people in by claiming to be a Christian organization, and by their claim to be family oriented, and their friendly masquerade of kindness and love. Keep in mind they only “claim” to be a Christian organization.  

The reason they say this is because they think that if you believe in Christ then you are a Christian, when in fact this is not true at all, because Satan and his demons believe in Christ, but that does not make them Christians now does it. They claim this while secretly in there doctrine the call our Christian churches the whore of Babylon, and Christian preachers,heretic disciples of Satan. 

They believe that we are the occult and not them. The Mormons are very powerful in the world today and have Power because of their wealth. The Marriott Hotel chain is owned by the Mormon Church, and there is Mormon Literature in every room. 

Mormons are very affluent with the dead. They claim to be visited regularly by dead family members. They are being deceived by demons. They actually believe that through prayer, these people can receive salvation even in death. They associate very much with the dead. The Pastor of the First Satanic Church, and the author of the Satanic Bible, is Anton LaVey. In his Satanic Bible, LaVey lists, under “Infernal Names,” one of them as “Mormo,” which is the God of the living dead, and the king of the Ghouls. 

The followers of Mormo, are called Mormons. Take that and chew on it a while. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The Mormon Church is the owner of the largest Genealogy center in the world, and they deal directly with the dead ancestors of the living. Mormon missionaries have had a hard time witnessing in China, and it is not because of it’s communists rule. It is   because the word Mormon in Chinese means Gates of Hell. Now let me give you a little History on the Mormon Church. In 1821 a young treasure seeker named Joseph Smith claimed to have had a vision from God. First he said it was from Jesus, then he said from Jesus and many angels, and then he said that it was from Jesus and God the Father. This is what they go by today. Mormons claim that Joseph Smith was visited by Jesus and God the father; but the Bible tells us that no man can look upon the face of God and live. He was also visited by a so-called angel named Moroni, who supposedly told him about a secret manuscript, written on golden plates, telling the true Gospel. 

And that he was to translate this into the Book of Mormon. Let me truly begin here and tell you what they believe. They believe that long ago from an unknown god ,and goddess, was born a man named Elohim who was later born to human parents, and he lived his life and became a god like his father. He is also claimed to have fathered many children. Two of them in particular are named: one is Jesus, and the other is Lucifer. 

They decided to put all of Elohim’s many children on a planet, and that the planet needed a savior the bid, for it came down to Jesus and to Lucifer. But Jesus won out because he had unselfish reasons. But then Lucifer revolted and turned many of Elohim’s children against him, and they were banished to the earth, never to have physical bodies. The people who were on the side of Jesus were very light skinned. And the people who remained neutral in the battle, their skinned turned black and this is the Mormon explanation for the black race. Mormons believe after that battle, the people were sent to Earth, and Elohim came to earth, and had sex with Mary, and that is how Jesus came to Earth. 

They also believe that Jesus took three wives while on Earth: Mary, Martha, and Mary Magdalene. They also believe that Jesus fathered many Children during his time on Earth, and that Joseph Smith their founder was a direct descendant of Jesus. They believe that after a life of Mormonism and a Mormon marriage has taken place, that when they die they will   become gods too. They also believe that they will have their own planet, and many goddess wives, and their job for eternity will be to populate the planets. I know how far fetched this all sounds, but these people actually believe this mess. 

Mormonism is a sex cult. And we never would have guessed any of this from those sweet family-oriented Mormon commercials on TV. People please be aware of these dangerous occults. These people are lost and on there way to Hell. They desperately need Jesus.  

What Does this Creepy Image   Mean?

Above: The Mormon entrance to the Salt Lake City, Utah, Temple (notice the all-seeing eye).  Mormon   founder, Joseph Smith, was a 33rd degree Freemason.  See,   Mormonism and Freemasonry.


Above: The  Masonic all-seeing eye patch (again, carefully notice the pyramid). I’m not making this stuff up folks, this is real. Satan requires an allegiance, and in turn offers men all the wealth, sex, power, and heaven on earth they could ever enjoy; BUT, this is the only heaven they will ever know. As Believers, we must remember such Scriptures as 1st John 2:15, “Love not the   world…” Most of the world’s religious leaders have sold out to Satan, as you will see below. This Satanic allegiance is also in the  music industry. And in the corporate industry. Indeed, Satan is the god of this world.

Below: Carefully notice the all-seeing eye with a handshake on the Mormon temple entrance. Now look at the Masonic image above and notice the same handshake and creepy eye.   Clearly, Mormonism is Masonic.

Photos to left and right: The Catholic Divine   Image of Mercy.  Carefully notice the illuminati pyramid.

  Mary Faustina   Kowalska was a poor Satan possessed mystic!  Allegedly, Jesus   appeared to Faustina and asked her to reproduce His image and show it to the world. This further proves that the Catholic Church is of Satan, because the Bible says more than once: No image worship! Exodus 20:4,5 couldn’t be any   clearer. Exodus 34:13 states, “But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves.” It is a sin to show devotion to any image or icon.

What is the real agenda behind this lie?  Why pray to yet another image, a “new” icon? Jesus told Faustina to DISPLAY THE IMAGE IN HER OWN CONVENT AND THEN THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. And this is interesting because, well, why would Satan want to promote Jesus? Why is it important for Satan that one billion Catholics (and preferably also the non-Catholics) see this painting? Are you guessing Satan’s true motive? 

You see, most people have a good memory, and we memorize things automatically, even when we don’t want to. The images remain in our mind. So we see this New Age painting of Jesus and automatically we remember it for life, it’s somewhere in our mind. And then one day when the man of sin, the antichrist, finally arrives, people will readily accept him. They’ll think to themselves, “I’ve seen him somewhere  before, where can it be? And then they will finally remember! That’s it! It’s  Faustina’s Jesus! It’s him! 

They will compare the face of the man of sin and  Faustina’s Jesus, and they will be almost identical. One billion Catholics   will recognize the man of sin as Jesus, and be tremendously deceived. This may be the explanation for this New Age image of Jesus that is now being shown all over the world. 

Why do the Catholics want us to memorize this face? What is their plot? Obviously, this is not just another Catholic image, or icon. This one is special, and it is shown all over the world. Last year I read a lot of Catholic articles in Spanish, Russian,   French, even  Polish, and I would see Faustina’s Jesus almost all the time. Pope John Paul II loved this painting, and Faustina’s dream finally came true: this painting is now shown all over the world. 

The IMAGE OF DIVINE MERCY is not just another cheap Catholic image, this one is truly special, this is an image of someone who will deceive a lot of people in the future. Maybe it’s of the future Antichrist, or maybe of someone else, but we know  that this painting was done to deceive in a big way.

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