Challenging the Rapture Doctrine of Imminence

Posted by: twclark66 22 hours ago in END TIMES Vine of Life

I think it is a good thing to address Biblical traditions from a scriptural basis. I think many Christians can relate to this issue when they have been exposed to the origins of many secular Holiday traditions that the church has celebrated from our childhood. Christmas and Easter are two of the obvious pagan holidays that the church has adapted to celebrating in our culture. Of course these holidays have nothing to do with Christianity. So it is a good thing to examine accepted traditions from a scriptural basis to see what has Biblical foundations.

I will clarify my position on examining cultural traditions from a Biblical perspective. I believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. I believe that Jesus fulfilled the law through his crucifixion and resurrection and ascension to heaven. I do not agree with the Hebrew Roots movement that believes in following the old testament law and puts works salvation on the backs of present day Christians. I do however believe that a familiarity with Hebrew traditions at the time of Christ’s death will help to enrich our understanding of scripture. I think this is easiest for modern Christians to understand in that the Gregorian calendar which we observe in our daily life was not in existence when the Bible was written. So it would make sense that the Jewish calendar would be used and that the Jewish feasts would have significance.

So this presenter will bring up the generally accepted doctrine of the immanency of the rapture. He examines the scriptural basis for immanency and proposes that the Feast of Trumpets was the most likely moment when the rapture would occur. It at least makes you think about this issue from a scriptural and cultural perspective. I of course will leave it up for fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to make up their own minds concerning this subject. The Feast of Trumpets date for 2013 is September 5th (9/5/13). I for one would be happy like many other Christians to get raptured as soon as possible to be done with this evil world.

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