Powerful 6.5 magnitude earthquake rattles New Zealand

The Extinction Protocol

Aug 16 NZ
August 16, 2013NEW ZEALANDA 6.5-magnitude earthquake has struck south of New Zealand’s capital Wellington, sending panicked workers and residents into the streets just weeks after a similar tremor struck the city. The quake hit 10 kilometres south-east of the town of Seddon at a depth of eight kilometres and has been followed by at least seven aftershocks, all measuring more than magnitude 4.4. So far, there have been no reports of injuries or major damage to buildings. There was no specific threat of a widespread tsunami, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre. The main tremor was originally reported as 6.0-magnitude by NZ GeoNet. The US Geological Survey (USGS) measured the quake as 6.8-magnitude. The quake was later downgraded to a 6.5. The University and business district were evacuated. Local reports said the quake was felt as far away as Gisborne, Auckland and Hamilton.

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