A Prayer For The Fallen Firefighters & The Firefighters Prayer (video)

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

Heroes: A group photograph shows members of the Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshots

Father, we ask you for your comfort.  A town, A state, A Nation mourns today for these heroes who risk their lives for our safety.  Father we know that you were with them.  We ask you now to please put the families of these brave firefighters into your arms, and ease their sorrow and pain.  Father give us courage, strength and comfort to face the sorrow this tragedy has brought us.  Take these brave souls into your hands.  In Jesus Name we pray Amen.

The video is from You tube:

The Firefighter’s Prayer – Dick B. Morton (Original Song)

 Chris Morton
Uploaded on Jan 20, 2011

A video I put together using my dads song “The firefighter’s prayer”.
He wrote it in August, 1998. Inspired by and dedicated to the Potchefstroom Fire Brigade in the north west province of South Africa, and, of course, to firemen everywhere.

The firefighter’s prayer

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