‘National Blueway’ : Is The Federal Government Taking Over our Water Supply? ‘National Blueway’ & Agenda 21 What Do They Have In Common?

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

Ok, listen up, the government is pushing a bill through congress to allow it to take over our waterway’s. But guess what, after this bill, they won’t need to ask congress or anyone what they can grab!  This was issued in Feb.  and the next waterway to be grabbed is the White River in Arkansas and Missouri!  It’s called ‘National Blueway’, obama has made it his business to better our use of the Country’s waterways, because you see the States, can’t take care of theirselves, so the Feds will step in.  LAND GRAB 101.  This is very important, our waterways are our lifeblood.  Pay attention America!  Let’s break it down:

The definition of a Blueway according to wikilpedia:  A blueway or water trail is a water path or trail that is developed with launch points, camping locations and points of interest for canoeists, paddle boarders and kayakers. Blueways are…

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