Mexican villagers locked out of shelter, as Popocatépetl volcano erupts

The Extinction Protocol

May 18, 2013MEXICOFOR the villagers closest to Popocatepetl, a Mexican volcano showing alarming signs of an imminent eruption, contingency plans are somewhat lacking. The village president has no telephone line, there is no doctor and the man with the key to the emergency refuge, a disgraced former mayor, has fled town. El Popo, as the 17,887 ft volcano is known, burst into life a fortnight ago, spewing clouds of ash and chunks of rock over nearby towns during eruptions that have grown in intensity. It is potentially one of the world’s most destructive volcanoes because of its proximity to Mexico City, just 40 miles away, and the Mexican authorities have been preparing evacuation routes and shelters. But the residents of Santiago Xalitzintla, a poor farming village seven miles from the crater, remain locked out of their shelter. “We will use a human key,” said Soledad de…

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